A New Approach to CIKR Defense

February 3, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Critical infrastructure and key resources or CIKR according to Tech Target is the totality of both natural and man-made resources that a nation depends on for functioning along systems for processing, delivery, and protection. Included in this are transport, energy, IT, communications, agricultural, food and water systems, and other sectors. In the United States, there are 16 identified sectors of critical infrastructure.

Because there are crucial sectors under CIKR, it is very important to defend it. It can be recalled that the Y2K bug of the year 1999 brought about great headaches to different governments because of how it messed up with the sectors and people’s lives. It is empirical then, for different organizations and sectors to work hard on defending CIKR through new approaches.  – Crischellyn Abayon


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