Experts Believe Prevention and Detection are Key to Malware Comms

February 3, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Malware is the most common term for malicious software that can affect businesses by disrupting them and their computer processes. It can delete, steal, and hold ransom some valuable businesses and personal data according to Pennine IT Services.

There are different ways to thwart malware. While firewalls and other software are very common, being vigilant also plays a vital role in avoiding malware infestation in any organization.

Since attackers are becoming more sophisticated and are now using different command and control systems to communicate with backdoors, organizations also have to up their game. One of the many ways to prevent these is by identifying the attacks that can affect the organization. Using software still top the list but these have limitations. A key technique that would work is by setting up different key points to prevent malware from infiltrating. – Crischellyn Abayon


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